Vertical Expression

Privacy & Cookies Policy

Last updated 12th February 2023

The only personal information collected by this website is:

This data is stored in logs on the web server for a maximum of one year and is used only for our legitimate interests of technical troubleshooting and analytics purposes - summary statistics at a coarser level of granularity, for example total number of visitors per country, may be kept for longer, but this does not constitute "personal data". Data is not shared with any third parties - we use fonts from Google Fonts and icons from Font Awesome, but these are all hosted on our web server rather than being fetched directly from the provider's Content Delivery Network.

Certain elements of the site such as videos and sound clips are delivered via third-party services including Facebook, YouTube and SoundCloud. These third parties may collect other data about you and set their own cookies or trackers when you access the content that they supply. Third party content is loaded only with your consent; when a page with such content is initially opened all third party content is represented by placeholder boxes explaining which provider hosts the content, linking to the provider's own privacy policy, and offering the option to load this specific content once only, view the content on the provider's own website, or load all content from this provider automatically. If you opt to load all content from this provider we will set a small cookie to remember that choice for up to 30 days, and subsequent visits will pre-load content from the relevant provider. You can withdraw this consent at any time using the management menu accessible via the button in the bottom-right corner of every page, which deletes the corresponding cookie.

No other cookies or trackers are set by this website, though third party content providers may set their own if you choose to load their content.

Tickets for Special Events

If you choose to purchase tickets for special events, we will collect your name and email address as part of the ticket purchasing process. The legal basis for our processing of this data is to carry out the contract you entered into by purchasing the tickets; collected contact details will only be used to contact you directly about your booking, your payment, or to provide updates about the event you have booked.

Payments are handled on our behalf by our ticketing provider, you may wish to consult their privacy policy for more information on how they will handle your data and how long it will be retained. We do not request any "sensitive information" as defined by that policy.